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TPMA is a public-private partnership consulting firm, consisting of a team of world class leading professional project managers, project finance specialists, lawyers, and university professors having experience in delivering infrastructure over 40 years, helping to deliver or manage public transport infrastructure, specialised in:

  • PPP  Metro Railway Infrastructure Projects

  • PPP Project Financing

  • PPP Project Management

  • BIM and IoT Asset Management


TPMA is to promote Public Private Partnerships for the Belt and Road Initiative with the ultimate aim of assisting PPP promoters to implementing infrastructure development projects in an efficient and sustainable way via public private partnerships. TPMA group consists of:

  • TPMA Consulting

  • TPMA Academy

  • TPMA Digital Asset


TPMA is devoted  to implement the infrastructure development projects based upon the World Bank Group's PPP Guide knowledge which is promoted by the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank Group.

With TPMA strong leadership, sound infrastructure technical know-how and proper understanding of PPP principles, together with thorough planning and financing, TPMA can provide a world class standard in PPP delivery throughout the world. TPMA can provide services in the following PPP phases:


Phase 1- Project Identification and PPP Screening

Phase 2- Appraisal and Preparation Phase

Phase 3- Structuring and Drafting Phase

Phase 4- Tender Phase (to award and sign contract)

Phase 5- Contract Management Phase — Construction

Phase 6- Contract Management Phase — Operations

TPMA also provides services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions in the building and construction industry.  TPMA assists the acquiring firms to select  targets having capabilities complementary to those held by the acquiring firm and provide the greatest opportunity for synergy creation. 

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